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Please contact the below individuals to subscribe to our news, to advertise or to purchase photos:

- Elena Shabanova - Senior Manager:
Tel.: (+994 12) 437-11-47 (ext. 318), (+994 12) 437-12-68. E-mail: sales@trend.az

TREND, which consists of four agencies, has developed a flexible access to its products. In the list below, you can read more about the products you are interested:

Online access to all AMI TREND news

When you subscribe to this service, the sales department will provide you with a login and a password, which will give you around the clock direct access to all news published by AMI TREND.

Your advantages:

- Interesting news about the politics and economy of Azerbaijan and other countries of the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus and Central Asia are at hand. You do not have to wait for daily or evening news to be sent to your e-mail;

- Flexible settings of the advanced search will let you find what you need at www.Trend.Az;

- Access to a large information base;

- No viewing monthly restrictions;

- The resource will help you stay on top of political, macro-and microeconomic developments, conduct economic research, read comments and opinions of experts.

Language: Azeri, Russian, English, Persian, Arabic.
Amount: up to 200 articles per day.

Daily Bulletin of socio-political news

Daily political news of Azerbaijan and other countries of the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus and Central Asia published by Trend News Agency, are sent to your e-mail address. The publications provide information on domestic and foreign politics, process of the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, culture news, religion, ecology, education, health, etc.

Events in Turkey and the Middle East, etc. are fully highlighted.

News posted on the agency's Web site, marked with special signs, are available only to subscribers.

Language: Azeri, Russian, English, Persian, Arabic.
Amount: up to 100 articles per day
Schedule for sending messages: daily at 03:00 p.m., 06:30 p.m. and 09:00 p.m. (Baku time)

Daily economic news bulletin

The daily economic news, published by the Trend Capital agency are sent to your email address. Articles provide detailed information on oil companies in Azerbaijan and other Caspian countries, banking activities in the region, macroeconomic trends and transport news. Every day you will be informed of the development of the IT sector in Azerbaijan, the insurance and real estate markets.

You can click on this link to get full information about Trend Capital's activity. News posted on the agency's Web site, marked with special signs, are available only to subscribers.

Language: Azeri, Russian, English, Persian, Arabic

Amount: up to 100 articles per day
Schedule for sending messages: daily at 03:00 p.m., 06:30 p.m. and 09:00 p.m. (Baku time)

Trend Oil and Gas

The specialized publication Trend Oil and Gas is an information overview on the oil and gas markets in Azerbaijan and other Caspian Sea countries, the Caucasus and Central Asia...

You can read in each publication:

- Key events in the oil and gas sectors;

- Figures for oil production and export, production and sale of oil products, extraction and transportation of gas, the consumption of lubricants on the domestic market, data on port shipments, transport statistics;

- Drilling conducted on onshore and offshore deposits by state and foreign oil companies: current data and plans;

- Pipeline transport: "South Corridor" project, including Nabucco, comments and views of the world's leading analysts.

- SOCAR news, comments and statements by senior representatives of the company.

Language: Russian, English.
The number of pages: 50-60
Schedule for sending messages: Twice a month

Trend Transport

Specialized publication Trend Transport is an informational overview of the transport sector of the Caspian region.

You can read:

- Data on cargo transportation by rail and road transport, shipping from seaports, transport statistics;

- Joint projects with international financial institutions for infrastructure development in the region;

- Comments of experts;

Language: Russian, English.
The number of pages: 18-20
Schedule for sending messages: Twice a month

Trend Finances

Specialized publication Trend Finances, published by Trend Capital agency is informative overview of the financial sector.

You can read:

- Overview of Azerbaijani macroeconomics;

- Securities;

- Banking sector;

- Taxes;

- The insurance market;

- In some sections of the edition you will find information on markets of Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

Language: Russian, English
The number of pages: 40-60
Schedule for sending messages: Twice a month

Trend Monthly Review

The specialized monthly edition Trend Monthly Review covers major events in the economy of Azerbaijan for month (quarter, six months, the outcome of the year). The publication is divided into sections that contain complete information in all areas of the economy. Each section has thematic analytical commentary, explanations.

Read in each issue:

- General economic situation in Azerbaijan

- Price and state of the consumer market

- Oil and gas

- Investment

- Transport

- Telecommunications

- Agriculture

- Money and credit sector

- Foreign trade

- Public budget

- Construction sector

- Social sector

- Enclosure with Azerbaijan’s foreign trade data

Language: Russian, English
Size: 13 chapters and a political digest per week in each room
Number of pages: 50-60
Issue schedule: monthly - the first of each month

Trend Weekly Review

Specialized weekly TREND WEEKLY REVIEW covers major economic and political events in Azerbaijan every week. The issue clearly retraces the dynamics various segments of the economy; analytical articles are also included.

Read in each issue:

- Dynamics of change of economy segments (oil and currency markets);
- Economic review of the week;
- Political digest of the week;
- Analytical articles.

Language: Russian, English
Size: 5-6 categories and political digest of the week
Number of pages: 20-30
Issue schedule: weekly

Iran Economy Review

Iran Economy Review, issued by Trend Capital - Information review of Iran’s macroeconomics. The issue is prepared jointly with the Iranian news agency MEHR. When you subscribe to one of the editions - Trend Oil and Gas, Trend Finance and Trend Transport - Iran Economy Review is FREE.

Read in each issue:

- Major developments in Iran's oil and gas sector, including data on production of oil products, construction of new refineries, investment in the gas fields’ development;

- Macroeconomic indicators, including GDP and inflation in Iran, short term forecasts;

- Iran’s foreign economic activity, local entrepreneurship;

- Information on transport of goods, development of transport infrastructure;

- Situation in Iran’s banking sector.

Language: English
Number of pages: 25-35
Issue schedule: twice a month

Sale of photo materials

Agency Trend Multimedia deals with the issuance and selling of photos. Trend Multimedia has considerable experience with leading world media outlets, who buy photos of events as well as of general photos.

Trend Multimedia offers high-quality images and provides materials in the desired format to your e-mail, on CD or DVD discs, or in printed form.

Themes of Trend Multimedia reportages: political events, public and political figures, economy, agriculture, culture, education, architecture, historical monuments, show business.

To purchase photos posted on the Trend Multimedia Web site, to order photographic sessions or thematic photos, please contact Sales Manager Elena Merkulova at: (+994 12) 437-11-47 (ext. 318), (+994 12) 437-12-68, fax: (99412) 497-30-89 or by e-mail sales@trend.az

Placing your advertising

AMI TREND places banner ads, as in the portal www.trend.az, and on Trend Capital News Agency and Trend Life’s Web sites. Placement of banner of various formats: 840h85 pix., 275h85 pix., 120x200 pixels., 468x60 pixels is available on the agency’s portal.

Also, you can place your banner advertisement directly on the article page. Such advertising has a unique advantage – banner with size of 468x60 pixels will be displayed in any news posted on the TREND portal, regardless of the section.

All banners:

- are made free of charge (with a logo and client’s text);

- Include a link to the Internet resource of the client;

- placed on the main page of TREND and / or to another portal page on the client’s choice;

- Accompanied by magazine of statistics on views and clicks on the banner (on client’s request);

- Your banner ads - it's quick and easy: Send us your banner by e-mail, and inform indicate on which page you would like to place it, and your ads will be online within two working days.

Please contact the Sales Department Manager Elena Merkulova to get price of advertising on the AMI TREND portal: (+994 12) 437-11-47 (ext. 318), (+994 12) 437-12-68, fax: +994 12 4973089 or via e-mail sales@trend.az

News sale via mobile phone

TREND has introduced a system for selling products via a mobile phone for the convenience of its users who need urgent access to the agency’s news. If you are not subscribed to TREND and want to read the enclosed information on www.trend.az , you can send a paid SMS from your mobile phone. To read an article with closed access on www.trend.az, click on an article to choose your mobile operator's country from the list and send a paid SMS to the specified number.

Shortly after, you will receive a SMS with a password to access your news. The password will be activated within several minutes. Enter the password in the appropriate field and click "Continue" to receive access to your article. The password will allow access only to the selected article and is not valid for other closed articles.

It should be noted that the service will allow clients to read the closed articles in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

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